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Professional Moving Services in Houston, TX

H-Town Movers Houston is a well established, deeply trusted and top-rated moving service company, founded on honesty and dependability. Supported by their impressive team of fully trained and dedicated movers.

Convenient phone quotes

We happily offer estimates over the phone that include estimated cost, moving dates and zero surprises!

All inclusive

Unlike our competitors we include unlimited shrink wrap and tape in our hourly rate!

Expert packing services

Our moving company offers a variety of packing options. Simply ask!

First class customer service

Our Company is here to answer all of your questions before, during and after your move.

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Convenient phone quotes

We happily offer estimates over the phone that include estimated cost, moving dates and zero surprises!

All inclusive rates

With Mover’s Houston, you will enjoy free use of our blankets and pads, tape, shrink wrap and wardrobe boxes.

First class customer service

Our Moving Company is here to answer all of your questions before, during and after your move. Open communication is critical for a successful move and we are open 7 days a week for your convenience!

Expert packing services

Our moving company offers a variety of packing options. Just ask us for the details!

Friendly and knowledgeable staff

Our professionally trained movers and our awesome admin team work together to ensure a super smooth relocate to your new location in Houston!

We are local Company in Houston, TX

We're a Houston-based company proud to call Texas our home. Our local team is dedicated to providing top-notch service to our fellow Houstonians.

Estimates over the phone

We happily offer estimates over the phone that include estimated cost, moving dates and zero surprises!

Office Moving Service in Houston, TX

With our extensive experience in commercial and office moves, we can ensure a stress free move for you and your staff.

Friendly and knowledgeable staff

Our professionally trained movers and our awesome admin team work together to ensure a super smooth transition to your new location!

First class customer service

Our super helpful and caring customer service team is here 7 days a week to answer any questions that you may have before, during and after your move

We meet commercial building requirements

Houston Movers Dot Com is fully bonded, insured and licensed and will gladly supply all documents to the interested party or to the building management upon request.

Project flexibility

We know that any downtime will cost everyone in the end, so our moving plans are focused on details, efficiency and zero confusion.

No Hiden Fees

No hidden fees. Ever! Our price includes absolutely everything. We don’t play with last minute or surprise fees because we really want you to be happy with our service!

Absolutely no surprises

Your relocate is a big undertaking with lots of moving parts. The last thing you need is an unwanted surprise or extra fees showing up, so we don’t do that. It’s just not worth it.


Not quite ready to move in yet… we can help there too! Please ask us about our convenient storage options.

First class customer service

Our great and knowledgeable staff will answer all of your questions whenever you have them, giving you both peace of mind and confidence in Houston Movers!

Delivery dates

We offer fiercely prompt delivery dates and should any changes be necessary, we will be as flexible as possible for your convenience.

Do you want to know the cost of your move?

Contacting our company, you can count on comprehensive assistance in moving, taking into account all your requirements and wishes! Just book your moving date.

Why choose us?​

With Us, you will enjoy:

Free use of blankets and moving pads
Free use of wardrobe boxes
Free use of dollies, straps and tools
Free shrink wrap and moving tape
Free loading and unloading by our awesome movers
Easy online booking of a move
Free furniture disassembly on pick up, and reassembly upon arrival at your new place!

We is your full service moving company

Packing & Unpacking
Loading & Unloading
Licenced, bonded and insured
Only $30/hour for each additional mover

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Welcome to “Movers Houston”, a highly experienced, super professional and forward thinking packing and company of moving in Houston. Since 2014, “Movers Houston” has been specializing in residential, commercial and moves within TX. What started as a hopeful remedy for substandard and often dubious traditional moving companies has become a well respected relocation company that is improving the face of the industry and easing the lives of their clients.

We will expertly disassemble, shrink or blanket wrap, box, label, and then reassemble your treasures at your destination point. Their on time and well prepared staff are insanely careful, hyper fast and wildly organized. Some “Movers Houston Dot Com” teammates have been with the company since day one. Now that’s pretty impressive. Movers Houston’s reputation and legacy is founded upon over 1,000 word of mouth referrals a year and thousands of 5 star reviews resulting in their mighty success across California and Texas.

Offering free phone estimates, We abhors hidden, last minute or surprise fees. So they don’t use them. They host multiple, well placed Texas locations using the most fully equipped and reliable trucks and the best and latest technology. You always have free use of blankets and moving pads, wardrobe boxes, shrink wrap, packing tape, dollies, straps and tools because Movers Houston knows what it takes to get the job done quickly and properly.

Our Moving Company is heavily invested in providing outstanding relocation services as they are more interested in building long term and repeat clients over time. Movers Houston Dot Com will gain your trust through hard work, honesty and open communication. Having been voted “The Most Reputable Movers in Houston, TX” on yelp and being ranked in the top 3 on Google search, you can rest assured that you have made the very best choice in choosing Movers Houston for your next moving adventure.

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Latest testimonials
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Tyrone Brownlee, Jr.
Tyrone Brownlee, Jr.
Read More
Movershouston made our move as pain free as possible. Their professionalism began in the office with an easy booking process and friendly reminders of our appointment. It then continued with the actual movers who were on time, professional and super efficient. They were recommended to me by a close friend and I'd definitely recommend them to anyone looking to move!
Amy Parigi
Amy Parigi
Building Owner
Read More
Excellent movers and customer service. I hired them to move from apartment to a house. They wrapped items and took very good care of all of my things. Alex and his team were fast, careful and respectful. They brought extra boxes in case I needed them. One piece of furniture was old and broken, and Alex was nice enough to carry it away for me. Huge help!! I would recommend them and will use them for future moving needs. Great movers
Allien John
Allien John
Read More
Super professional crew led by Mr. Hernandez. very smooth experience, they had moved people to/from the same complexes before! No issues moving some of my heavier / oddly shaped items (large steel frame monitor arm). 0 damaged goods, and were happy to move items around after settling in a bit. They were also very flexible and patient while I was retrieving my key for my new apartment.

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Moving preparation
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FAQ & Tips

We are a fully licensed and insured company in Texas State.

We do NOT have any kind of hidden charges. Everything you need for your move is included in our rate.

Every second of the break is going to be deducted from the total time. You only pay for the time we work.

It is super easy! Give us a call and we will check availability and answer any questions that you may have about your move. We will then book your reservation for you. Or, once you read and accept our terms and conditions and fill out and submit our easy request form, you will receive a confirmation email containing the details of your upcoming move.

Our team will do everything in their power to make your move as safe and fast as possible. Things that you can do to save time on moving day include: box up all loose stuff. Have all boxes in one convenient spot and keep your pets and children away from the action. It is an

exciting and hectic time, and everyone’s safety must come first.

A tip is always appreciated but is not a requirement.

  • Make your reservations for movers two to four weeks before your move day.

  • For large appliances be sure to check your owner’s manuals to see if there are special instructions for moving.

  • Don’t try to get rid of your children’s favorite things before the move – even if it makes it easier. Kids sometimes have a hard time dealing with the change of the move itself.

  • By law, a moving company CANNOT transport ammunition, explosives or hazardous materials such as gasoline, bottled gasses and other flammables.

    Oh, and don’t forget to mail in or drop off your Change of Address form to your post office about a week before your move date to ensure uninterrupted and continued mail delivery.

  • Pack a box of essential items that you will need immediately after the move and make sure it’s the last thing added to the truck.

  • Clean out closets, the attic, and the basement as soon as you decide it’s time to move.

  • Make a “survival closet” of things for the last cleanup before you move out – broom, dust cloth, dust pan, mop.

  • Remember to get snacks for move day.

  • Schedule disconnect times for about a week before your move day — you don’t want to have to pay for cable, phone and utilities when you aren’t even there!

  • Cancel newspapers, cable, pest control, cleaning help, lawn services about a week before the move.

  • Mail in your change of address forms about week before your move date.

  • Clean your stove before you move out.

  • The day before your move, defrost the fridge.

  • Make sure to get enough cash to get you through move day.

  • Take time to say goodbye to friends and neighbors before your busy move day.

  • If you are depending on friends and family to help you move, have a back-up plan if they don’t show.

Avoid mixing items from different rooms in the same box.

Use wardrobe boxes to make closets easier to pack. Clothes in drawers can be placed in suitcases.

Use only small boxes for books. They get very heavy, very fast.

Never use printed newsprint to wrap fine china.

Always stack dishes upwards when packing.

Pack important and sentimental documents separately to be easily accessible including: children’s health records, passports, family records, insurance information and photo albums.

Remember: the heavier the item, the smaller the box.

Don’t pack with food or supermarket boxes. You never know what little critter is hiding – or if the box will be strong enough to support your possessions.

Don’t use used boxes. You don’t know if the box will be strong enough to support your possessions.

Never use duct tape. Please use packing tape instead. You will be glad that you did!

Clearly label all boxes on top and side.

As you take apart furniture and other items make sure to tape all parts to the main base.

Try to pack all electronic equipment, like stereos in their original boxes. Otherwise use bubble wrap when packing these items.

Start packing items you will not need ahead of time.

Always pack and unpack breakables over a padded surface.

Always tape boxes. Don’t interlock the tops.

Don’t use boxes without tops. No tops make it impossible to stack properly in the truck.

Use custom-designed boxes when packing fine china and clothing.

  1. Plan ahead: Start planning your commercial move as early as possible to minimize disruptions to your business operations. Make a detailed checklist and timeline for the move.

  2. Hire a professional moving company: Look for a reputable commercial moving company with experience in handling commercial moves. Make sure they have the necessary equipment, resources and insurance to handle your move.

  3. Label and organize: Clearly label all boxes and furniture with their contents and the location they should be moved to in your new office. This will help ensure that everything is placed in the right spot during the move.

  4. Inform employees: Inform your employees about the upcoming move as early as possible. Keep them informed throughout the process and provide them with any necessary information or instructions.

  5. Coordinate with building management: Coordinate with your building management to ensure that your move complies with any rules and regulations. Arrange for any necessary permits, elevator access, and parking for the moving truck.

  6. IT and equipment relocation: Plan for the relocation of your IT equipment and other specialized equipment. Ensure that all equipment is safely packed and transported, and that it is set up properly in the new office.

  7. Communicate with customers: Let your customers know about your move in advance and provide them with updated contact information. Update your website, social media, and any other platforms to reflect your new address and phone number.

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