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We is a well established, deeply trusted and top rated moving company founded on honesty and dependability. Supported by their impressive team of fully trained and dedicated movers, they cater exclusively to the state of Texas.

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We happily offer estimates over the phone that include estimated cost, moving dates and zero surprises!

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Unlike our competitors we include unlimited shrink wrap and tape in our hourly rate!

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Our moving company offer variety of packing options. Simply ask!

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Uptown Movers is here to answer all of your questions before, during and after your move.

Employing a Professional Moving Company can offer many benefits over trying to manage a moving day on your own. By employing Uptown movers, you are getting experienced as well as knowledgeable staff members to understand the complexity of the move and can make your move as quick, effective, and secure the best that you can. They can also assist you in making a proactive action plan in order to assure a seamless transfer to a new home or business. They can also furnish packing supplies to help safeguard items throughout the moving day and to make sure none will be broken down or destroyed in transit.

Uptown Moving

Moving is not the easiest and not the fastest job. If you are on your way to a goal, and the goal is related to a change of location, don’t change your plans. Just entrust the chores to Uptown movers. You will simply enjoy the cleanliness and order in your new home or office – we will unpack and arrange things and put the equipment in its place.

Residential Movers
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Apartment Movers
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Residential Movers

Moving often involves assembling and disassembling furniture to fit it neatly into the vehicle. By contacting us, you can easily close this issue. Residential movers in Uptown not only movers but also experienced furniture assemblers. 

We will ensure the safety and integrity of the property during the moving of the apartment: we will pack household appliances, furniture, and interior items. We will carefully label the boxes so that you can easily find the item you need when you arrive at a new place.

The use of specialized vehicles makes transportation in Uptown safe for your property. Furniture and appliances will be securely fixed and will not be damaged during the movement of the car.

Uptown movers specialists are ready to organize any work on carrying things: they will lower and raise to the desired floor, load and unload property from the car after transportation, handle heavy or bulky items.

After transportation, apartment movers in Uptown will assemble and arrange the furniture according to your wishes; we will carry out hanging cornices for curtains, paintings, mirrors, shelves, and TV; let's unpack things. We will help you organize your move to a new location quickly and with maximum comfort.

Commercial Movers

Commercial movers in Uptown arrange office relocation at a convenient time. We will quickly disassemble, as well as qualitatively assemble, any office furniture, arrange it in a new room. We use professional tools and equipment.

All stages are carried out by professional movers and loaders, if necessary, we involve special equipment in work. We will ensure the safety of the property and prompt delivery. We will securely pack, mark the furniture, equipment, documents, belongings of employees. We will transport safes, archives, storage systems, various equipment on specially equipped furniture vans.

We will do our best to get you up and running as soon as possible. We will assemble the furniture, arrange the furniture and equipment in their places, unpack the belongings of employees, and remove the used packaging material.

Apartment Movers

We quickly and reliably pack equipment, interior items, fragile items, personal items. Furniture moving requires special care. Compliance with the packaging technology developed by us and the use of professional packaging materials allows us to minimize the risk of damage to property during loading/unloading and transportation.

Specialists of apartment movers company in Uptown carry out any loading and unloading operations. The property can be anything - from interior items to large-sized furniture and cornices. Our employees have sufficient skills, physical strength, special equipment, and equipment for moving, loading, and transporting any bulky and heavy items. Our professional movers have the necessary skills and tools to perform any work: from assembling shelving and tables to assembling/disassembling kitchen sets, and non-standard pieces of furniture.

Packing Movers

Transportation of furniture and things should be ordered in advance. The earlier you apply, the more likely it is that the move will begin on a day and time that is convenient for you. Uptown movers provide complete moving services, including packing services in Uptown and furniture assembly and disassembly.

If the client orders a move, then all packing materials are provided by movers in Uptown company. In another situation, the client can independently purchase materials for packaging and even personally pack each item. It all depends on the chosen moving services and the desire of the client.

We provide many kinds of packaging material. You can order the delivery of the package a few days before the transportation if you decide to pack the property yourself. If you want to use the packing service by specialists, the materials will be delivered on the day of the move.

Rearranging Furniture

The services of movers for rearranging furniture are relevant when you need prompt assistance from professional movers for arranging an office, apartment, etc. Lack of experience in this matter can lead to damage to walls, flooring, and door jambs. Order rearranging furniture specialist services from Galleria moving company and get high-quality and inexpensive moving services from the best performers at an affordable price. All manipulations are carried out as carefully as possible and documented.

Same Day Movers

You can urgently order a move from a moving service company by conveniently contacting the manager. You can call the contact number, write to our chat on the website to the operator or leave a request in the messengers of social networks and we will contact you. Orders for urgent transportation of things are considered, so you can rely on our efficiency and the ability to quickly find solutions in any situation.

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Contacting our company, you can count on comprehensive assistance in moving, taking into account all your requirements and wishes! Just book your moving date.

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Even the most difficult move will be easy and stress-free if you choose Uptown movers company as your partner. From planning and packing to loading and transport, you can count on our team of experts to take care of your belongings and keep you informed throughout your move.

Why choose us?​

With Movers Houston, you will enjoy:

Free use of blankets and moving pads
Free use of wardrobe boxes
Free use of dollies, straps and tools
Free shrink wrap and moving tape
Free loading and unloading by our awesome movers
Free furniture disassembly on pick up, and reassembly upon arrival at your new place!

Movers Houston is your full service moving company

Packing & Unpacking
Loading & Unloading
Licenced, bonded and insured
Only $30/hour for each additional mover

Moves Completed
Years Of Experience
Average Rating

Local Movers in Uptown

The company’s employees are taught how to load as well as offload your items from your moving van, saving you time and effort, as well as the pressure of doing it myself. Selecting a Uptown moving company also offers some peace of mind, as all of our service providers have insurance coverage should any kind of mishap occur while moving. Ultimately, dealing with Uptown movers provides you access to a skilled crew of professional movers that will take good care of every single aspect of making up your relocation for yourself, so you will have nothing else to fret about except enjoying getting the start of new life in the new location.

Should you plan on relocating to Texas, you will need to be aware that you should look for local movers Uptown. Now, all movers are not equal, and you should pick the one that meets your moving needs.

Here are some points to consider when selecting a locally owned and operated movers:

  1. The Reputation: Has the company been around for a long time? Do they have a solid reputation? Ask about recommendations.
  2. Experienced: How experienced do they have in handling moving of your scale and complexity? Ask for testimonials from previous clients.
  3. Licensing and coverage: Be sure that the company has a license as well as proof of liability insurance. Doing so should help prevent damages or loss.
  4. Equipment and staff: How do they use their equipment? Are the movers in Uptown skilled and qualified to deal with getting through your move? Check their packing up and loading procedures.
  5. Costs: Find out the rates from multiple moving companies before deciding. Always be sure to inquire about any extra fees, like petrol supplements, as well as any packing supplies costs.


Latest testimonials
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Ryan Deswall
Ryan Deswall
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First time using Uptown mover service. Me and my wife were very pleased. The guys are very competent, professional, very tactful, polite and attentive. They work quickly and accurately. I already recommend and will recommend the moving company to everyone!
Ellie Shepard
Ellie Shepard
Building Owner
Read More
Uptown movers did an excellent job with all the tasks. They worked smoothly, efficiently, without interruptions. For company employees, the days of moving are always difficult and stressful. And it is very pleasant that at such moments there are such responsible and professional people.
Joe Thomson
Joe Thomson
Read More
Many thanks to the team of Uptown moving company. The guys worked smoothly, quickly and professionally. This is our fifth move, which turned out to be the easiest, thanks to the company stuff. The whole complex of works, from calling the manager to taking out the garbage, went perfectly.
Amelia Hunt
Amelia Hunt
Read More
The service of Uptown moving company is still at a high level: attentive dispatchers, prompt feedback, accuracy and punctuality of the movers who worked with us on the move. The second time only positive impressions from the work, we are very satisfied.
Nina Edwards
Nina Edwards
Read More
Excellent service, good value for money! Uptown local movers helped pack fragile items from the kitchen. Everything was transported very carefully, minimally dismantled, what was dismantled - collected. Very satisfied with the process and the result, many thanks and good luck to the service!

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